DOXA Healthcare Foundation

Our teachers who shaped our destiny through the sixties to the eighties are ageing.

Most of them are in their 70s and 80s now, and require medical assistance from time to time. With healthcare costs spiralling over the years,quite a few are unable to manage these costs.There have been several heart-rending stories of their struggles and difficulties in the face of old age and ill-health. A few have no immediate relatives who are in a position to support them in this condition and it hurts us, their students, to hear these stories.

We alumni have occasionally received requests for ad-hoc financial assistance on this front. We did our bit on a case-to-case basis. But we realised that there was a need to create some structure to this assistance, and an overwhelming need for a fund from which we can draw upon to meet such needs of our revered teachers.

This led to the formation of the DOXA Healthcare Foundation (formerly known as the Benevolent Fund Committee). The fund is managed by a committee comprising of the Moderator of DOXA, Dr. Shekhar Aggarwal of the 1969 Batch, an eminent DOXA member and healthcare professional (Chairman,Sant Parmanand Hospital), Dr. Paramjit S. Bawa of 1979 Batch (President, Total Health Foundation) along with the DOXA President & Treasurer.

The committee's objective is be to
- Evaluate requests for medical assistance
- Identify where such care can be provided
- Allocate funds to meet the costs, in part or in full

DOXA Healthcare Foundation (DHF), now into its third year, is unrivalled by any alumni program among educational institutions in India, and is an inspiration for others.

DHF was set up to extend medical support to retired teachers who have served at St. Xavier's School for a decade or more. It provides assistance via a network of over 30 doctors among Xaverian alumni, and financial support where required. In its second year, we extended coverage to Jesuits who have served in our school.

Several teachers and Jesuits have utilised the consultancy and referral services of our medical practitioners and hospitals. Discounted services have been provided to DHF beneficiaries at locations including Sant Parmanand Hospital in Civil Lines, Jaipur Golden Hospital in Rohini, Sunder Lal Jain Hospital in Ashok Vihar, and Saral Diagnostics in Pitampura.

In the last two years, we have also provided financial assistance to two retired teachers: Mrs. Lily Abraham and Mrs. D. Singh.

In the current year, it proposes to introduce comprehensive health check-up camps. We will also continue the interaction between the retired staff, medical practitioners and the DHF, through our DHF annual review meeting.

We request the DOXA fraternity to contribute generously for this noble cause:a minimum of contribution of Rs.500 or $10 sent by cheque or draft. Kindly write,"DOXA HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION," your name, batch, email address and mobile number behind the cheque/draft, and send it to one of the addresses below. If anyone knows of any doctors wishing to participate, or teachers or others with queries, please email DHF member Prasanto K. Roy at:

Contributions within India may be sent to:
DOXA Moderator
St Xavier's School
4 Raj Niwas Marg
Delhi 110054
INR cheque favouring: St Xavier's School, Delhi

(Note: NEFT transfers are not possible at this stage.)

Contributions outside India to:
Yakub Mathew
764 Undercliff Avenue,
Edgewater, NJ 07020, USA
USD cheque favouring: NRDOXA, Inc

If you wish to send funds by wire transfer (please be aware of the cost):
Account Name: NRDOXA Inc
USD Account #: 891948457
Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA
New York, New York 10017
ABA# 021000021

The minimum amount of Rs. 500 or USD $10 is something each of us can afford. Hence we must rise to this request and at least give the minimum requested if not a larger amount as per our individual capability.The names of all donors will be posted on the DOXA website ( and total contributions (and disbursements, if any) will be updated each month.

We would like to end by thanking my fellow members of the DHF, and especially Dr Shekhar Aggarwal class of 1969 (Co-Chairman DHF), one of India's most renowned knee replacement surgeons, whose leadership has been invaluable for the DHF.

Our dear teachers are advanced in age, we as their students, owe them a debt of gratitude and the time to show them how much we value them is now.